How to share technical information

(so anyone can easily understand)

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Sharing technical information.

It’s one of the hardest — and most valuable — skills in business communication.

Most non-technical people (like me!) struggle to understand technical concepts.

And most technical people struggle to explain those concepts in a simple and clear way.

So there’s a communication gap.

That’s a big problem, as nearly every company is becoming more tech-enabled.

Let’s help with that.

Here are 5 tactics to share technical information in a way anyone can understand:

1. Use analogies

Analogies are a great tool.

They can frame technical info in an “everyday life” context.

This makes the info more relatable to a broader audience.


You want to explain how a firewall works.

Instead of going into the details of computer networking, you use the analogy of a security guard.

The security guard monitors incoming and outgoing traffic in a building, allowing only authorized traffic to pass.

The security guard is a human version of a firewall.

2. Use visual aids

Visual aids do what they imply.

They make it easier to visualize information.

  • Charts

  • Graphs

  • Diagrams

  • Pictures


These are a great way to make info accessible.


You’re explaining the flow of data in a network.

Instead of using words, show it with a flowchart.

Use simple labels to identify key components.

The visual will make it easier to understand the process and relationship between components.

3. Use plain language

This sounds obvious, I know.

But it’s often overlooked.

Replace technical jargon with words that will be more easily understood.

Plain language is a gift to your reader.



  • instructions a computer follows


  • language used to make web pages


  • storage for frequently used data

When in doubt, simplify the words.

4. Focus on benefits

Unless you’re building the product, you probably don’t need to know the technical details.

What you DO need to know are the benefits.

Articulate the positive outcomes of the technical information more than the technical info itself.


You’re building a new CRM tool.

Instead of getting into the technical weeds, share the benefits of the CRM.

  • improved customer tracking

  • personalized customer communication

  • faster customer response time


Emphasize the benefits.

5. Get pre-feedback

This is simple but powerful.

Get feedback from a small audience before sharing technical information with a larger audience.

Have a couple non-technical people review your communication.

Ask them to give feedback on how to make the information more easily understandable.

This will help you connect more easily with the wider group.


5 tactics to share technical information (in a way anyone can understand):

  • Use analogies

  • Use visual aids

  • Use plain language

  • Focus on benefits

  • Get pre-feedback

I hope this is helpful.

P.S. If you want other ideas, this article is worth a read: How to explain technical ideas to a non-technical audience

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