9 business writing tips to transform your career

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Who are the most valuable people in a company?

It’s not the smartest.

It’s not the most talented.

It’s not those with unique skills.

I’d argue it’s the best communicators.

People who communicate effectively have virtually no ceiling.

  • They can lead people

  • They can align a company

  • They can drive clarity and action

It pays — handsomely — to build your communication skills.

Here are 9 simple business writing tips that will transform your career:

1. Get to the point

The Gettysburg Address is 266 words.

But we need 800 for a product update?

The greatest gift you can give with your writing is brevity.

Make your point, then end it.

Few skills are more impressive than powerful, concise communication.

2. Write to be understood

If “get to the point” isn’t the Golden Rule of business writing, then this is.

Don’t try to impress with a sophisticated style.

What’s impressive is being clear.

Write in a manner that’s easy to understand (and especially if you’re writing about technical subject matter).

3. Use headlines, not labels

When presenting information, guide the audience on how to think about it.

Do this by replacing labels with headlines.

  • “Conclusion”—> We need $5 million

  • “Why us?” —> Our edge is service

  • “Pipeline” —> 25 qualified leads

Masterful presenters tell a story in their slides.

4. Use simple language

Business writing is notorious for complexity.

It shouldn’t be that way.

Simple language is more accessible.

  • Capital —> money

  • Bandwidth —> time

  • Ramp headcount —> hire more

If it can be said simply, say it that way.

5. Make it actionable

The goal of business writing is to get something done.

Someone needs to do something based on the information you’re sharing.

Make your writing easy to action.

Clear CTAs throughout your writing are helpful and demonstrate high professionalism.

6. Make it personal

English class taught you to take personality out of writing.

If you want to connect with people, add it back in.

Use I, we, you, your and us.

Write with a personal tone.

When people read your writing, it should feel like you wrote it specifically for them.

7. Separate opinion from fact

Professional communicators separate their opinions from facts.

This is a powerful skill in times of crisis or disagreement.

Let others bring emotional opinions to the discussion.

You’ll stand out by controlling your emotions and building your perspective around facts.

8. Use short sentences and words

Short sentences and words are easier to read than long ones.

What’s easier to read is easier to understand.

  • Currently —> Now

  • Indicate —> Show

  • Initiate —> Start

Remember: you write to be understood.

Keep it simple and short.

9. Be specific

Vague writing creates confusion.

Use specific information.

  • Slightly behind —> one day late

  • A lot of users — 1 million people

  • Way over budget —> $10,000 over

Specificity is not only more accurate, it shows mastery of your domain.


To recap:

  • Be specific

  • Get to the point

  • Make it personal

  • Make it actionable

  • Use simple language

  • Write to be understood

  • Use headlines, not labels

  • Separate opinion from fact

  • Use short sentences and words

These 9 writing skills will set you apart.

Which one resonates most with you? Reply to this email and let me know.

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