3 tips to build your personal brand

(these will always work)

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Last week, I wrote about 3 myths regarding your personal brand.

My hope is it broke down some mental barriers for you.

There are so many amazing and accomplished people who aren’t sharing online for various reasons.

My goal is to help you recognize the gold you have inside of you and help you share it with others.

So today, I want to share 3 simple tips to help you build your personal brand online.

Think of these as content pillars or answers to the question, “What should I write?”

1. Tell human stories

People connect with stories.

That has been true since the beginning of mankind and will remain true until the end of it.

There’s nothing more powerful than a human story that others can connect with.

You can do this in two ways:

  • By telling your own story

  • By telling other peoples’ stories

What’s a human story?

It’s a story with a universal theme.

Think about the things every human being wants.

Love. Happiness. Friendship. Purpose. Accomplishment.

Then think about stories from your life or others’ lives that illustrate these themes.

Before people care about your business or anything else you’re doing, they need to feel a connection to YOU. A human connection.

That’s what these stories accomplish.

2. Share earned insights

One reason the internet is an unbelievable tool is it creates access to other peoples’ insights … for free.

When accomplished people share earned insights, they build an audience.

A valuable audience comes from sharing value consistently.

Earned insights are what you’ve gained through your career experience.

  • What have you learned about building a company?

  • What have you learned about being a CEO?

  • What have you learned about managing your career?

  • What have you learned about managing people?

  • What have you learned disrupting an industry?

Those questions lead to earned insights (if you have experience in those areas).

This newsletter is an example of sharing earned insights.

I’m sharing insights I’ve learned from writing online for 15+ years.

Earned insights shorten the learning curve for others.

3. Pass on your life lessons

Similar to human stories, people connect with life lessons.

We’re all trying to navigate life as we go.

Hearing others’ life lessons is a powerful teacher.

Reflect on your life:

  • What did you learn from your parents?

  • What did you learn from your grandparents?

  • What lessons did you learn as a child?

  • What lessons have you learned as an adult?

  • What lessons have shaped what you believe about the world?

There are countless ways you could think about this.

Sharing your life lessons humanize you, and each one leaves a positive dent in the world.


Those are 3 simple ways to build your personal brand:

  • Tell human stories

  • Share earned insights

  • Pass on your life lessons

Pick one and write it this week.

Personal Brand Consulting

My friend runs an investment company.

He gets 3-5 inbound deals per week that come directly to his inbox. Why?

He’s spent the last two years thoughtfully building his personal brand on LinkedIn and Twitter. He’s now well-known and respected in his industry.

This is the power of building your personal brand online.

I do 1:1 consulting with entrepreneurs and business leaders to help them achieve similar results.

If you’d like support building your personal brand, reply to this email with “consulting.”

Helpful Resources

  • If you need a newsletter platform, I recommend Beehiiv

  • If you need a LinkedIn analytics tool, I recommend Shield

  • If you need a social publishing platform, I recommend Hypefury

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