10 easy ways to repurpose your content

And grow your audience faster

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One of the most important skills for any content creator is repurposing.

Repurposing is taking one piece of content and turning it into several other pieces of content across various platforms.

This is one way to increase your output and maximize the value of the time you put into content creation.

Today, I’m going to show you 10 easy ways to repurpose your content so you can grow your audience faster.

The way to repurpose content is to start with a “pillar” piece of content and then chop it up into smaller pieces of content.

A pillar piece of content is something longer-form — a newsletter, article, podcast, video, etc.

We’re going to use newsletters as the pillar piece of content in these examples.

1. Tweet

You can break down one newsletter issue into many individual tweets.

In my newsletter The Process, I wrote a recent issue on 10 ideas I wish I knew 10 years ago.

I wrote several of the ideas in that issue as individual tweets:

This is a great way to get a lot of content out of a single issue.

(Note: I’ll often do this in reverse, writing tweets to test out ideas that become newsletter later on.)

2. Twitter thread

You can turn a newsletters into Twitter threads (i.e. a series of tweets).

Here’s a newsletter I wrote on how Navy SEALs train mindset.

Here’s the same content as a Twitter thread.

3. LinkedIn post

Like a tweet, you can turn newsletters into individual LinkedIn posts.

One benefit of LinkedIn is your individual posts can be longer than Twitter, giving you more room to play.

Here’s a LinkedIn post I made on the “Full Benefit” concept mentioned in No. 1 above.

4. LinkedIn carousel

Carousels are LinkedIn’s version of a Twitter thread.

They allow you to post pdf documents as a carousel of slides, which enables you to write longer-form content in a way that’s easier to consume.

Here’s a LinkedIn carousel I made from the Navy SEALs mindset Twitter thread mentioned above.

5. Podcast

Every newsletter you write is essentially a script for a podcast episode.

I’ll be launching The Process podcast soon and using my newsletters as the foundation for many episodes.

6. Instagram post

You can create carousels on Instagram, as well as single photos with quotes from your newsletters.

I’m not currently focusing on Instagram, but it’s another great growth platform.

7. YouTube video

Just like a podcast, newsletters are great video scripts.

I have plans to launch a YouTube channel this year and will be leveraging popular newsletter issues as inspiration for video content.

8. TikTok or Instagram Reel

If short-form video is your thing, your newsletters can be scripts for short videos (much like how we used them for tweets and LinkedIn posts in written form).

TikTok and Instagram Reels are the two best places to post short-form video right now.

9. Facebook post

Nobody likes to talk about Facebook as a primary platform for creating content anymore, but it’s still massively powerful.

The best part about Facebook is almost any type of content can do well there.

If you have a Facebook page, repurpose aggressively there.

10. Blogs and articles

I don’t usually recommend spending much time writing blogs or articles for your website, because it’s difficult to drive traffic there.

You’re much better off creating on social platforms where there’s built-in distribution and instant feedback loops.

That said, if you have a blog or website, you may as well copy and paste your written content there. It’s no extra effort and another platform that you can slowly grow.

BONUS: Create variations of the same content

This is a next-level tip.

For every piece of content you create, you could create 3-5 variations of it.

How you create different variations of the same idea is by using different frameworks (e.g. personal stories, actionable tips, step-by-step guide, etc).

Then run each version of it through the above 10 steps.

Now you have 30-50 pieces of content from one original idea.

Action Item

Go back through your old content, find what performed the best and use the above ideas to start repurposing it.

Once you have 6+ months of original content, repurposing should be a core part of your content strategy.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every day.

When something “works,” take that as a signal from your audience that they want more of it.

It’ll make you more efficient and help you scale your audience faster.

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